Happy New Year!

It’s been a few months (OK, 8 months according to the sidebar…). I’ve been busy wrapping up my PhD (woohoo!) but I’ve wanted to update the blog to introduce a really great update to the R Shiny family: shinyapps.io. It’s a free R web app hosting site that (once you’ve registered) will let you host apps in the cloud for public consumption. It’s nicely integrated with RStudio, so I was able to quickly post my 3000 hit app for all to try out.

There’s no downloading code, running it locally etc… Just click on this link to try it out.  I still haven’t figured out why it’s slow to load at certain time and fast other times. It seems to happen randomly but often enough that it’s annoying. It’s probably something with the code, but it could have to do with sending commands to the server; the server might be dealing with other people’s requests (it is a free service after all!) Anyway, try it out, I still recommend it. And happy new year!


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